A brand new 20 metre 5G monopole has gone up at the junction of the Avenue and Manor Avenue in Sale so we went down to get an interview with a mast engineer.


An engineer did come to speak with us and we asked several questions of which he was unable to answer, we threw him some good questions about safety and he ran off!

Our reporter shouted to him to give the man an opportunity to tell us why he thought 5G was safe, to prove its safe and in his own words “I cannot prove it’s safe”

This was enough proof for all those that think 5G is a safe technology that it is not! and the fact that he ran off was more proof 5G is not safe.

We have checked and the mast was not approved to be developed, some though do not need to go through planning and we expect more to go up in the months ahead.

It was a reward for our efforts to finally get the proof we needed to give to the political councillors who believe it’s safe even though they never had proof themselves! and are in effect letting the networks install masts that will be harming our health and causing interference with many things and even causing a loss of freeview channels!

People around the world must get this thing stopped and for countries who have the technology operational including here in the UK to halt 5G as soon as they possibly can.

We have already contacted ICNIRP who could not offer us any safety information.

Thanks though for the vital information from the mast engineer who let us record him until he ran off.