Monkeypox will not be the next pandemic! neither will the small polio outbreak so no need to be concerned despite a few cases showing up in Manchester.

We read in other media about Monkeypox being eradicated however since 2015 we know about 40 cases here in the UK and nothing was said about them!

Many people will have already had a vaccine during childhood for such things including Polio so these viruses are of no real concern.

We feel Covid will make a return again although even this stupid government will not lockdown the country due to economics, if it happened this country would sink faster than the Titanic.

The influenza season will be around in a few months and as always many thousands of people die from it even fit individuals! in 2019 over 17,000 kids up to the age of 17 died of influenza! this was far greater than Covid ever was which is why we and others could not understand the drama.

Covid will be stamped on those with influenza though and we could see restrictions taking place although we cannot see any problems with people wearing masks and using some common sense, not hard to do really and should not cause any depression in communities.

Although it has been proven that wearing these cheap masks wrongly can cause bacterial pneumonia and you don’t want that! make sure you wear a clean one and do not wear the same one for the entire day! bring a few with you and try hard not to be touching it all of the time! then you will be alright.

As for the next big pandemic well this won’t be for a while now, it would take many years for Fauci and Gates to come up with another super bug, by then hopefully they will be at rest with the world.