A TUI 767 jet departed from Manchester Airport to Boa Vista (Cape Verde) this morning had to return due to several bangs and flames coming from an engine.

Some of the passengers reported seeing flames coming from the left engine, the flight crew called an emergency and requested to return to Manchester Airport, they then did the normal check lists and burn’t fuel by doing go around’s over south Cheshire, this took around 2 hours before coming in on the ILS (Instrument Landing System) and landing safely.

Fire service were on standby when the aircraft landed which was at around 1pm.


All passengers and crew left the aircraft as normal.

TUI gave a statement saying simply “The aircraft had to come back to Manchester Airport due to a technical issue and everyone departed in the normal way.”

All passengers are now in a hotel as Cape Verde does not allow flying during the evening so a replacement aircraft will be available sometime tomorrow to take them to their destination.