The Carrington Relief Road is back on the agenda and will be talked about at an executive meeting on 25 July.

The council agrees that the congestion around both Carrington and Partington is really bad and something needs to be done, they believe a relief road is the magic wand.

According to the council this minor road will be built by the spring of 2027 and is currently over £7m over budget.

To be able to keep things on track the council is looking at a compulsory order for the land which could bring about a challenge putting the road back another year or two, the owner of whatever land they are needing can appeal under the acquisition of land act.

Further opposition is likely from a protest group and others who do not want the Carrington Moss peat bog disturbed which will cause further headaches for The Planning Committee when the application is read out.

The council has also added if the relief road is built it will be used for lorry’s and no mention of cars and vans, if we have this right then this is crazy, yes we agree it would be a bit of a help, yet will do next to nothing for Manchester Road.

Traffic calming is another idea the council will bring forward at the executive meeting, although we don’t know just yet what they are planning we cannot see this working either, the mention of improved cycling and walking is a good idea and we back that, however where do the cars and vans go? it’s as if the council will mysteriously make 50% of the cars and vans vanish.

The area and indeed Trafford has a serious problem with the amount of cars and vans that are being used, and it’s going to get worse, the council cannot tell these people who drive these vehicles to stop and to get on a bike.

It is too late now for Partington the councillor who ended up as the chairman of the Planning Committee and now Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Climate Change and Transport Strategy Aidan Williams became the man from Delmonte saying ‘Yes’ to all housing developments in Partington, whilst not all the blame is on his shoulders he is responsible for the the chaos.

It is not rocket science to understand that Partington has next to nothing then they dump all these new housing developments on them, and more to come! a new housing development and care home will be built next year.

So a minor road will not do anything for anyone, we are very concerned for what all this means for Partington, and concerned at the lack of common sense from councillors who are like school kids at a big desk helping to create chaos in an area.

This entire thing is a joke on the residents of Partington and its shameful no councillor more so them Partington councillors can even utter a word about where all them new kids will go for education, we have heard others say clearly “Warrington or Salford” they are truly taking the p**s.

Whilst the council has given back the youth centre to the bored kids which we do give a thumbs up, this is a bit of a distraction as to what is coming for the area of which no one now can change.