During a recent Trafford Council meeting a resident spoke about a disused rail line by the side of the Metrolink from Sale to Old Trafford.

It was a very good clear speech by the resident however having checked the side of the line where this proposed cycle path will go in parts the width is too narrow.

Any new cycle path would need to have high fencing, and a big gap from trams going past, the width at certain parts of the route becomes narrow, it would be better to start after Dane Road where all the way the width becomes much wider to be able to easily make a cycle path.

It seems though leader Andrew Western has an issue with rail routes, at a previous meeting he thought the abandoned rail route from Timperley all the way out to Cadishead was not an option, where in that same meeting a Partington councillor thought it should be used.

It was the same at the meeting, giving no hope to the idea, although as a politician making it sound good so the resident and others watching feel like he might do something.

This Britannia Road to Talbot Road idea is a good idea though it takes away cyclists from the dangerous A56, and takes cyclists away from dogs on the canal tow path which is a real danger more so with them extended leads which are invisible to a cyclist.

We think though Stretford is getting all the infrastructure and other parts are getting very little if at all! and so we come to another rail route that would be ideal for many reasons, is is known as the ‘Skelton Junction’ line last used in 1983 as a freight line.

The line goes from Timperley to Partington in Trafford then it used to go over the Cadishead Viaduct which is in a very poor and dangerous state as are all the bridges.

It is currently full of trees and vegetation and needs to be cleared, this would be a big job, the rail infrastructure that is still in place needs to be cleared to make way for a proper path for all bikes and made secure so no motorbikes can get on the path.

This is the best rail route that should have been mentioned at the last meeting, no issues with safety, and although would cost a lot of money would also see Partington residents having another way out of the place, it would help with wellbeing, lots of people could go for a walk, a run in a safe quiet environment, adding some benches along the way would be a good idea.

Whilst we are aware of the plans for the rail route to be a road that would turn off at Broadheath on to Dairy House Lane, these plans are for 2045, because its a long time away, we believe that this route can instead become a cycle walk run path, and although the leader of the council does not like rail routes being turned into cycle paths we think he might change his mind.

The councillors in Partington although we know are dumbed down could actually do Partington a favour for once and help improve the health of many people, having a quiet place to go is good for mental wellbeing, this path should be looked at by all councillors and agreed what a great route this would be.