A campaign is underway to get people to stop paying your energy bills due to the mega huge profits firms are making whilst everyone else has to suffer.

We understand why this has come about and agree with moral part of it since the big energy firms are indeed taking the piss out of each and every one of us however not paying your bills could be a costly mistake.

All bills are automated, all demand letters are automated so common sense tells us that a computer programme or algorithm does not understand humans or its feelings, so ignoring all these emails and letters is a mistake.

A third party debt collection agency will now take over the bill which would add on a further charge even if you decide enough is enough and you pay the bill, you will still need to pay money to the debt collection agency.

If you think you can win and continue not paying even with the third party agency demands, it will then be passed on to a bailiff which is the extreme end of things, these people are trained to only get the money owed, they must do so in a legal manner and not cause you any alarm, we have seen some disgraceful scenes on YouTube.

They will initially ask for payment this will now be increased further! you probably won’t be able to afford it completely at this stage, so you refuse, they then will go away and come back with a legal warrant even if its digital, yes we know its a lazy way of doing things but as the saying goes “It is what it is”

So they now can legally go into your flat or home and take what is valuable to pay off the debt, of course even with the energy debt and the add on this still won’t amount to too much so they will probably take the TV or maybe the Playstation or things like that.

So now you know what will happen if you default on your bills, even morally you agree with the actions taken by others, the government have given some help to people, we believe the £400 will be split between months so if your gas bill is £80 a quarter then you be paying much less for several months.

Many people are on fix term deals if you are then this is gonna wipe out much of the cost you will have to pay making it slightly easier, the government also has many other schemes where money is available to help with the cost of living.

With Martin Lewis offering useful advice whilst going OTT on it all, help is out there and more is to come, so yes! It’s still going to be difficult for a while thanks to Gretta Thunburg! and the rip off energy companies, with the help available and more to come it will lessen the problem for domestic users.

Much of what we are seeing today is because of this so called ‘Climate Change’ open your eyes a little and you will see.

And because of this the profits of the big oil and energy companies went through the roof, the US have also gone downhill because they want to go carbon neutral and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels to save the planet, now look at them!

We need to end this madness, whilst helping to clear up our dirty air with more common sense, we can live with fossil fuels, we have technology to clean our air, keep our green belt, stop cutting down our trees just so 5G will work.

Clean up our rivers and canals, fine companies heavily for polluting our rivers not allow them! we read calls to bring back to fracking, we disagree entirely on that one, this is a dirty way of getting gas and as many know it causes earthquakes and the potential to pollute the rivers and canals nearby is very real plus gases and methane will end up being released into the air.

We have many things at our disposal to be comfortable with our energy prices , we just need this government to change course and help the people of this country by showing some balls and get the big energy firms to stop ripping us off and if need be fine them heavily and to get them immediately to reduce prices for the consumer and business.

The government must also make sure all petrol stations pass on the savings because at this time we hear they are keeping the price of fuel unfairly high.

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