We are all for speed reduction on our roads, and getting any abandoned railway lines opened up to be used so cyclists can cycle in safety, and keeping pedestrians safe must always be a priority for the council.

The idea that a 20mph speed zone will help improve safety is accurate, if a car hits a pedestrian at 20mph in most cases it will only result in injury and not death.

According to a study found on ROSPA (Royal Society of Prevention of Accidents) it found a 2.5% chance of being fatally injured at 20mph compared to 30% chance of being killed at 30mph.

We have to make sure the right type of 20mph speed zone is issued in Trafford something not mentioned in the latest council meeting, its no good just putting up a sign saying 20mph zone and no calming measures

The first ever 20mph zone that was carried out by TRL in 1996 and found that injury accidents reduced by 60%, child injury accidents reduced by 67% interestingly car usage fell by 27% around where the trial took place,

So it’s clear as daylight more 20mph speed zones are what we need in Trafford and it’s not sure why the council has not given this its full backing.

Motorists on Altrincham New Road according to council leader Andrew Western are already doing no more than 20mph, if this is the case then only 20mph signage is needed, if it turns out he was not completely accurate and motorists were doing way over this then according to ROSPA the guidance is a 20mph speed zone would be best where speeds are already low and up to 24mph.

We fully support the use of 20mph speed zones where chicanes and other speed calming measures are built and it is hoped the council will look at this with more enthusiasm to keep everyone much safer on our ever dangerous roads.

You can view the full ROSPA document here: