A memorial to commemorate the WW2 Wellington bomber crash will be unveiled in September 2022.

On this day in 1943, a Wellington bomber crashed in Walton Park in Sale sadly killing several onboard. it was claimed that the flight crew managed to avoid crashing into houses however the night was pitch black and with only his landing light available he had no idea where the aircraft was going to crash, Freddie Matthews though must have seen the plot of land and courageously lifted his stricken plane just enough to avoid killing many people.

Flight Crew and servicemen of the Wellington Bomber crash

Most of the flight crew actually survived the crash on impact, two of the men on board the bomber was thrown out of it, the flight Sergeant Freddie Matthews died on his way to hospital.

The crash site was back then an allotment which is now Walton Park football field.

This memorial has been long awaited with many residents of Sale wanting some kind of memorial and now after many years of trying to get one, its now arrived, we are delighted this has happened, and look forward to being at the event on 21 September.

Watch the video below for detailed information about the bomber, its a great video and thanks to the man who made this video, in the video he gives in depth information on how the community of Sale had helped everyone on board the stricken aircraft, something we have not seen before, it is a good watch for those wanting to learn more about this crash.