The cost of living in the UK has risen and will continue to rise for many things in our shops and takeaways here though you can actually beat it.

If you are looking for clothing for all the family we suggest trying this well known and trusted firm has been around a long time and offers exceptional value with big branded items available at lower prices.

MandM direct also have a one year delivery plan which means everything you buy will cover your postage costs which start from £4.99 saving you even more money.

Food prices have at this time gone a little higher with only certain products like Lurpak and some fresh meats becoming very expensive, if you want to save some money now and into the near future we would recommend shopping around for the best prices, we have consistently found Morrisons to be the best supermarket giving value for money.

Sticking to Aldi and Lidl will be the best idea for many people as they also offer value for money, Farmfoods and Heron are also great places to buy all your frozen food, as is Iceland.

Tesco and Sainsbury’s whilst they offer good value also tend to be a little bit more expensive.

Takeaways have seen the biggest rises with the threat of many chip shops adding 50p on some products, gas prices for takeaways and other establishments have gone through the roof, they do not get any reductions.

Your local shops will also have some things that are cheaper, with the cost of electric and more so gas for residential customers going up again in October it will now be helpful to check on the cheapest clothing and foods that also provide quality.

Finding coupon codes is also a good idea to save a few quid, if you look around even in the depth of winter you will get all you need to keep everyone happy, despite the scaremongering each and everyone of us will if common sense is still a thing, with a little bit of patience in shopping around will be alright.