The NHS could be on strike soon after the union that represents many people have called for them to vote for strike action.

Unite the Union has set up a consultative ballot from 8 Aug to 11 September for people to be for or against strike action over what they have called “A kick in the teeth”.

The pay increase of £1,400 seems a lot however in real terms according to the union a 4% increase which for the hard work they do is not enough with cost of living and rising energy bills to blame.

Apparently much of the increases in wages will come from already over stretched Department of health and social care budgets which will put further strain on that already strained department.

It is not known at this time what departments or all of the NHS will strike and how long for until the decision is known, we expect though staff will be available for emergency surgery and other vital services, it will mostly affect non emergency appointments.

The new leader of this government will have much to do from day one, and it is going to be very difficult to increase wages due to many factors one of which they believe will cause inflation which experts agree is a nonsense.

One of the things that will help NHS staff and everyone else is to make sure fuel is cheaper, at this time people in this country are being ripped off at petrol stations, to reduce the costs would be of some help to people.

It is hoped though the NHS gets a better deal and any strike action will be called off, this money though must not come from any struggling department.