Altrincham To Crewe Direct Train Service Could Get The Green Light Soon

The Altrincham to Crewe direct train service could get the go-ahead if campaigners get their way.

Screenshot 2016-11-11 at 2.03.57 PM.png


Campaign group naming themselves ‘The Mid Cheshire Rail Link Campaign’ was at a recent meeting with Trafford Green Party in Altrincham to talk of the plans and benefits that will come from a direct line to Crewe.

By opening up the line to passengers and re-opening Middlewich station would enable business people and all walks of life to get on a train at Altrincham get off at Crewe and get on a Virgin Pendalino to London or just about anywhere in the country, this would save having to go into the city centre saving valuable time.

The line is already in place but is used by freight at the moment, campaigners are looking to be able to use the link line so people from Altrincham and Hale do not have to get off at Chester, it would be direct.

The knock on effect of having this link line opened up for passengers would be of great benefit for all along the route in terms of economics, and of course helping people get out of the car onto the train which will help ease already out of control pollution problems.

For more information on this campaign click here HERE



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