Fly Tipping On A Big Scale Found In A Sale Park

Whilst the issue about fly tipping has calmed down somewhat over the past few weeks, we must not take our eye off the ball!


We found a gigantic amount of fly tipping in the car park at the back of Walton Park Sports Centre  in Sale today March 17, with bins saying Manchester City Council on them.

The rubbish dumped was mostly childrens things, although we did not inspect what was inside the bins, and their was a desk and a couple of chairs.

On the up side where we have been lately including a known fly tipping hotspot only a few yards away from a gigantic tip all has been clear, we did see some dumped stuff on Chapel Lane in Partington with what looked like broken up drain pipes.

If you have any fly-tipping pictures or have videos of fly tippers in the act that are recent please send them to us, using our email address newsdesk@news4trafford.com

News4Trafford has reported the Walton Park fly tipping event to the council and we hope this will be cleared a little faster than the twenty days Amey take.

Categories: Environment, Fly Tipping, Sale

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