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Arriva 247 Bus Driver Warned After Being Caught Speeding Towards Partington

A driver of a 247 from Altrincham to Partington has been warned about his conduct after being caught speeding on Sinderland Lane.

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Many people have told us they often see drivers speeding in the lanes, this has been going on now for years, but with this latest incident which occurred on March 26 which involved a cyclist goes to prove that it simply is not safe at any point on Sinderland Lane, and we know even passengers get concerned from time to time.

Arriva buses said: “I am writing following the incident which occurred recently with a route 247 bus service.

“Your comments were passed to the manager of the Wythenshawe garage. The relevant CCTV footage has now been viewed.

“The bends on the lanes are notorious and drivers are aware to drive with caution.

“Buses cannot make the bends without straddling the lanes. On this occasion it was raining and the vehicle was over to the right to avoid the puddles and potholes to his left.

“The cyclist was also in the middle of his lane for the same reason, he was avoiding the large puddles and potholes.

“The driver will be interviewed under our Company Conduct Procedure.

“Please accept my sincere apologies for any upset and inconvenience this may have caused and please be assured that your comments have been taken very seriously.

“Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Do not hesitate to contact the Customer Service team should you encounter any problems in the future.”

I have been down that route many times and can tell you how scary it can get, with drivers of all cars speeding around like it is some F1 training circuit, we know of many accidents and sadly some deaths have occurred.

The future is not looking good, what will it be like in the next two years, with the big developments at Lock Lane and Carrington opening up? how many more cars will be on the roads in that area? will Sinderland Lane be able to cope with that much traffic? and what will it be like for the cyclist? with only a polystyrene and plastic hat on his or her head for protection!

It is very frustrating that these so-called politicians, you know the ones that hoodwink you into making you believe they are there for you and your community, they end up at protests claiming they are fighting for you, shout the loudest in the chambers of Trafford yet green light developments without ever thinking about the problems that will occur as a result.



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