Police And Crime Act 2017 Comes Into Force From Monday

The police and crime act 2017  will come into force on April 3 in the UK.


We checked the details of the new acts and found some very interesting changes, more so with bail conditions and a few new names popping up from time to time.

You can view all the amendments HERE

It will be hard to see any of the changing making much of an impact on local policing, in some cases may make things harder, either way as individuals the public also has a role in helping police, by reporting things on the 101 number or 999 in an emergency will help.

The best way government can make any real changes to help police is to give them the much needed funds, to help them expand the workforce and not reduce numbers, get more bums of seats, employ more people to do the office work so police officers can get out there and do their jobs.



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