Weed killer used in Trafford by the council contains the Carcinogen Glyphosate

Trafford has a very bad vegetation issue, due partly because One Trafford are taking such a long time over everything.

File_000 (85)
weed sprayers on Washaway Road in Sale

We needed them to urgently tackle the problem, but there is one issue! what is the active ingredient in the weed killing solution, and we asked Trafford via FOI and they have confirmed the active ingredient in the weed killing solution is the alleged carcinogen gyphosate.

In recent times confusion over glyphosate remains, on one hand you have the scientists saying it is not a carcinogen yet on the other hand everyone else are claiming it does cause cancer, it is though factual on both sides that glyphosate can cause blindness if it ends up in someones eyes at high doses and other skin irratations an harmful to aquatic life.

We saw two guys on motorised buggies spraying on Washaway Road, and not spraying weeds! they were speaying pavements, and all of this washed up the next day when it started to rain.

In 2014 analysis found a correlation between occupational exposure to glyphosate formulations and increased risk of  B cell lymohoma to workers exposed to glyphosate, the world health organisation also concluded that the chemical is cancer causing in humans, all the investiagtions made since it first was known about how dangerous this chemical was to humans have yet to be completely concluded and the doubts about glyphosate continue.

Trafford use ‘Mascot Hi Activ they claim it is the safest available herbicide available and is de-activated once it lands on soil, this makes no sense to us, since if it de-activates and its the active ingredient how is it going to be of any use? from our own reaserch Manchester Council also uses this high strength weed killer.

The Euopean Citezens Initiative have so far has well over a million signatures calling for a ban on glyphosate, you can read more on what they had to say HERE

And to learn more about Glyphosate click this Link



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