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Tories must now call time on the Amey One Trafford contract

We asked sub contractors what they thought of the One Trafford partnership and no one was happy with what was going on.

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The Trafford Tories who signed a gigantic deal with Amey to provide the borough with front line services must now be thinking of ending this dreadful contract and keep front line service in house like it was before.

The sub contractor working on a park in Sale said “We are up against a brick wall fighting One Trafford to cut the grass in parks so we can mark out the football pitches, I will go around the pitch mark it out and soon as they come to cut the grass the markings are almost gone”

He said that all the parks that needed marking are the same all over Trafford, one resident also complained about the state of the grass on Walton Park saying “We cannot do anything on this grass, it is that long, it is like they have not cut it in months” he goes on to blame the Tories for the mess Trafford is in and said he would be voting Labour and asking all his family members and friends to do the same.

The Tories in the past have told us that the contract is to provide the borough with an excellent service and is affordable, from what we can gather and looking around Trafford we cannot see any value for money and everyone is sick and tired of having to wait for them to do something, despite assurances from the One Trafford partnership that they have almost sorted themselves out.

As an example we reported a bin full of rubbish, smelling very bad with more rubbish around it in Sale, we did this three weeks ago and it is still there festering away, we have reported on behalf of residents the seriously bad state of the A56 between Eastway and near to the Pelican Pub both ways, nothing has been done despite a spokesperson from One Trafford saying ‘The request has been approved’ and this was around a month back.

File_000 (87).jpeg

This is a disgrace from all angles, and we call on the Trafford Tories to end this contract as soon as it is possible to do so!

One Trafford are employing more people and more equipment and are active in killing all the weeds from our roads and elsewhere, using a carcinogen called gyphosate.

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