Priory Woods

One Trafford to fix broken barriers at Priory Woods

Priory woods is a great place to be, for dog walkers, cyclists or just getting away from it all, so to see it being destroyed by fly tipping, motorbikes ripping it up and other unwanted vandalism could not be tolerated.

We got in touch with a campaigner, who has done everything he can to get One Trafford to fix the barriers and all other fencing, as a result we also contacted One Trafford,and after a couple of weeks they responded.

A spokesperson for the One Trafford Partnership said: “A new height barrier was installed yesterday (Thursday). The fence will be repaired within the next 7 days , helping to reduce the level of fly-tipping left on the car park. Fly-tipping is an on-going issue and we are doing all we can to remove it as quickly as possible. Fly-tipping or failing to make sure waste is disposed of properly is extremely irresponsible. It is frustrating for residents who value where they live and it costs the Council money to remove it; money which could be better used to help protect other essential services. That is why the Council will investigate and prosecute those responsible whenever evidence is available. Anyone who sees fly-tipping or broken fencing in our parks and green spaces can report it to us on 03330 035 865.”

We thank John for his time with this, and to One Trafford for seeing how valuable the woods are to local residents and others who use the woods.



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