One Trafford

Trafford should refund all money to football teams playing on Walton Park in Sale

It’s not been an easy time for Walton Park in Sale or any park in Trafford, with One Trafford unable to keep on top of everything, we have called for the Tories to rip up this dreadful contract and give back the services the residents in the borough deserve.

It was without question as surprise to us that the council actually charge to play on Trafford’s football pitches in Parks, and the cost is not cheap either, and all money should be refunded until the pitches are looked after, at this time they are not!

We feel it is completely unfair on these football teams to be charged on such a bad football pitch, unfair because most of the time the staff of the football teams are having to cut the grass, and even mark it out! the same people who already pay for these things via the council tax.

We contacted Trafford and a spokesman told us “We are doing our best to ensure the pitch is and all pitches in Trafford ate good as possible.”

It does look like Trafford are blinded to what the reality is, although they tell me that Walton Park pitch is fully booked up this year, I saw very little activity on the football pitch this year, due to the grass not being cut, and problems with the soil, it is simply not playable.

This is where councillors are needed, we respect them all, but where are they? what are they doing? in Brooklands which is where Walton Park is situated it’s all Tories, so you would expect a better outcome, this is not the case at all, and we will be putting our questions to them very soon.

For the time being, we have to hope One Trafford sort themselves out, and we have to be fair, they are clearing the bins more often in this park! lets hope for more improvements in the weeks and months ahead, not just for Walton Park but for every park in Trafford.

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