Recorded crime in Partington rises in the month of July

Crime in the area has always been an issue, more likely are you to be a victim of anti social behaviour than anywhere else in Trafford, although not saying it is the worst place, because it isn’t.

The month of July 2017 was one crime packed month where 103 crimes were recorded by police, we know lots of crimes are not recorded.

Looking at the worst parts of Partington in the month of July was Cheshire Road with 9 recorded crimes which were:

  • 4 violence and sexual offences
  • 3 criminal damage and arson
  • 1 possession of weapons
  • 1 public order

Here is a run down of roads with the highest recorded crimes:

  • Cheshire Road -9
  • Squires Mews -6
  • Hampshire RD -5
  • Grasmere RD -4
  • Pearson Close -4
  • Central Road -4

Other roads scored lower with Wychelm Road coming on the map for the first time in a long time with 3 recorded crimes.

There is a mix of crimes, but looking at the information we have, it seems Violence and sexual offences seem to be the biggest issue in Partington in that month and in subsequent months.

We can look at the reasons for the increase, it is hard, and no one thing is the cause, but we can say a mix of a skeleton police force where in some areas of Trafford only one or two officers look after the area they cover, and call for back up when needed.

The housing association more so in Partington have acted irresponsible throughout, more so when they were under the umbrella of ‘Harvest’ with poor vetting procedures and a dreadful and we can reveal an untrained community safety team.

And lastly the people themselves, it is easy to blame the front line all the time, but looking at it in a realistic way, who really is to blame for all the criminality? you can answer that one yourself, and you probably are right!

With the area ever-expanding, a huge gigantic elephant being built-in Carrington, and the possibility of PEEL building on land of Lock Lane, oh and HS2, the area will suffer even further as population grows, more cars, more pollution, no new shops planned, no new roads planned, still no entertainment infrastructure planned, only one doctors, two chemists that we are told are struggling a bit, god help you guys!

The councillors are very important to the residents of Partington, please use them, they get paid huge amounts of money for what they do, make them work, it is your right and they will do a good job for you, that I can assure you!, tell them of your concerns, do not be afraid, all info is confidential.

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