81,000 people died in just three years because of benefit cuts and sanctions

A staggering 81,140 people died as a result of benefit cuts and sanctions according to official government documents.

Some 50,580 on ESA had died and the rest is made up of various other benefits people were claiming before they died.

You can read the entire government document in PDF file >>>>>  HERE

The shocking statistic was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the amount of people who had died, as the government have hidden away official statistics for 2016/17, it is expected the amount of people who have died due to the Universal Credit roll out will take this figure way over the 100,000 mark.

The calculating effect benefit reforms are having on people is chilling to the bone, even to the hard-nosed Tory out their and manipulated by their own party, can not be blaming Labour for this one! and the fact they have kept this information to themselves is another true indication of what this dreadful government are doing to the most vulnerable in society.

No excuses can ever be given for the death of even just one person, not hundreds of thousands, and yet the Tories continue to kill of the poor and in some cases even those that are working!

Theresa May and her out of touch with reality party, has much work to do, to convince those at the bottom of the ladder,and even those climbing it, that her party really cares about the most vulnerable in society.

The shambles continues into 2019 as Brexit begins to bite, let us be clear it will be the most vulnerable who will be hit the hardest, as this most evil government continue on the path of destruction of our once Great Britain.


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  1. I am getting sick of this, the same problem occurs in Denmark – people who really can´t work are forced to work, and some of them died. All their cuts only benefits those with money already…


    • Complete misinformation. These figure are from 013/14 – nothing to do with may or with social credit. The gov document doesn’t give age or cause of death but we can guess a Lot of these people were in their 60’s and most likely would have died anyway.

      I’m a full time wheelchair user with a heart condition and this is just scaremongering bad dramatised journalism.


      • Hello John, many thanks for your comments, we got the information from official government documents, it is completely accurate, we do not ever mislead people, all our articles are factual as was this one.


    • Where is your evidence. What have they died from. Just stating stats is not evidence. I don’t not believe you but you need to back it up the numbers with hard facts.


  2. It would be useful here to cite sources “according to official government documents” does n’t quite cut it in these days of fake news.


  3. The stats are skewed. Since changes in welfare, it was estmitated deaths of those found fit for work and sanctions amounted to around 90 deaths per week. In around 2010 or 2012, 80.000 died within a few weeks, thereafter, Cameron told the DWP NOT to keep a record. I would estimated the figure to be closer to half a million of disabled, elderly sick, chronically sick with serious health conditions such as heard failure die/died to date.


    • Hi Sophie, we have to go off official figures, we agree with everyone the real figures will be way higher, what the article shows though is the stats on 2016/17 being hidden away, this is one of the reasons why we did this, to show to everyone how bad not only the DWP are but the government, where some do not dare tread, we will! hope your enjoying the website and thanks for your message,


  4. Since the banking crisis of 2008 we the ordinary people of this country have been made to pay for there mistakes when the bankers should of been jailed and made to pay all money thay illegally stole from a corrupt system but instead of legal action being taken by the authoritys they said we need to bail them out . That is what has ultimately lead to the problems of today as nobody trusts the system any more and are too afraid to invest there hard earned money through the maze of the banking systems who are ultimately just out for themselves and could not give a damn about ordinary people’s lives and weather they eat or not or have heating and electricity or not. making people who are genuinely unfit for work due to illness or many other conditions that impact on there ability to work have there money sanctioned or worse. Gorden brown said ordinary people should not have to pay the price when this all happened but that is exactly what is going on and we need to stand up to this totally corrupted government now


  5. I like the fact that Tory party supporters are still sticking up for their leadership despite the clear evidence to that states the bare facts, and as for it being the banking system, lets remember we have been through austerity measures before (monetary policy) all that did was destroy British manufacturing industry this type of policy which includes the changes to the benefit system have had no effect on the level of government borrowing (indeed it has gone up) this is about ideology and the market economy controlling everything which is just as bad as the state controlling everything far right and far left policies have no place in the 21st century, we unfortunately seem to be heading (or we are living in one now) for a plutocracy.




  7. I am in the health services I have seen the casualties what the DWP have destroyed peoples lives get real the evidence is their they are making the poor poorer and affecting peoples well being get a grip I have witnessed all this


    • Hi Sheena, could you contact us please sending us more information on what you know and also your job title and what area you cover, the email address is on the contact us link, thanks.


      • I am a mental health project worker in Aberdeen when they brought the section on mental health notbeing recognized our department seen 100 suicides in our area it is disgrace targeting chronic illnesses and the disabled the vulnerable part of society that need support


  8. Thank you news4trafford.

    It is moral and brave of you to publish this article. Few are telling this story, so massive respect to you.

    I know of two young people who’ve killed themselves because of this government’s policies. As you say, even one person dead is one too many.

    Thank you again.

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