A staggering 81,140 people died as a result of benefit cuts and sanctions according to official government documents.

Some 50,580 on ESA had died and the rest is made up of various other benefits people were claiming before they died.

You can read the entire government document in PDF file >>>>>  HERE

The shocking statistic was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the amount of people who had died, as the government have hidden away official statistics for 2016/17, it is expected the amount of people who have died due to the Universal Credit roll out will take this figure way over the 100,000 mark.

The calculating effect benefit reforms are having on people is chilling to the bone, even to the hard-nosed Tory out their and manipulated by their own party, can not be blaming Labour for this one! and the fact they have kept this information to themselves is another true indication of what this dreadful government are doing to the most vulnerable in society.

No excuses can ever be given for the death of even just one person, not hundreds of thousands, and yet the Tories continue to kill of the poor and in some cases even those that are working!

Theresa May and her out of touch with reality party, has much work to do, to convince those at the bottom of the ladder,and even those climbing it, that her party really cares about the most vulnerable in society.

The shambles continues into 2019 as Brexit begins to bite, let us be clear it will be the most vulnerable who will be hit the hardest, as this most evil government continue on the path of destruction of our once Great Britain.