Police offer an update on the Manchester Arena terrorist attacks

Police would like to provide the public with an update in relation to the investigation into the attack by Salman Abedi on the evening of May 22.

The investigation has continued at considerable speed with officers drawn from across UK policing to support it.

In addition to the 22 families devastated by the murder of their loved ones, we can now say that that there are more than 500 injured people from the attack

Police continue to have family liaison officers deployed to the families who have lost family members and are also working with survivors and their families to support them at this very difficult time.

We have previously explained that amongst the survivors, 16 people were very seriously injured. Injuries include paralysis, loss of limbs, internal injuries and very serious facial injuries. Many have had complicated plastic surgery.

Of course, everyone, not least those who have lost their loved ones will live with the memories of what happened, for ever.

The size of the investigation is very substantial, and below is what police have done so far:

 •       We have arrested 23 people

•       We have searched 30 addresses

        Seized 11,000 exhibits

•       We now have 16 terabytes of data being examined.

•       We have taken over 1300 statements and there are over 5,000 people referenced in the inquiry

•       We have 16,000 hours of CCTV which we are working through

•       And over 8 million lines of telephone communications data.

GMP can now say that following a review of the evidence by the CPS, we have applied for and been granted a warrant for the arrest of Hashem Abedi. The arrest warrant relates to the Murder of 22 people, the attempted murder of others who were injured and conspiracy to cause an explosion.

Hashem Abedi is currently detained in Libya and the CPS has now requested that Libyan authorities consider his extradition back to the United Kingdom.

We are grateful for the Libyan authorities considering this request.

You will appreciate that we must not do or say anything that might prejudice a fair trial and that this remains an ongoing investigation.

 We also need to respect the due process being managed by Libyan authorities and as a consequence at this time we are unable to provide any further detail.

 This investigation is still running at a very fast pace. We are incredibly grateful for the support of the hundreds of people affected by this horrible attack and our officers are constantly moved by their stories and by their accounts.

We are also grateful for the huge support of the public not only in this investigation but their continued calls to policing about suspicious activity.


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