Future Carrington

Three new developments could make or break Partington

HIMOR will start building a gigantic village in Carrington in as little as a couple of months, we was first to tell you about another development nearer to Partington on Heath Farm Lane, with around 725 new apartments being built with only a small amount of infrastructure planned.

Peel have so far been silent about any development on Lock Lane that will see a further 550 homes built.

We are making this clear, it really could be a disaster waiting to happen, lets look at the logic, and we want you to do some maths! how many people will be in the new HIMOR created village? and how many will be in the new village only 90 metres from Central Road in Partington? we estimate a further 3,000 more people maybe more will be living in the area.

With Peel that could swell to another 1000, now we are talking in the near future here, not just around the corner, however as we all know time does fly, it has gone fast in 2017 that is for sure, and before you know it, villages and developments have been completed.

Looking at Partington now, we can see its just about coping, with almost 8,000 people living in the small village, the shopping facilities are still poor, no entertainment, no taxi ranks, only a couple of buses, a dreadful housing association on Wood Lane that with all the hope in the world Partington residents will vote to get rid off once and for all.

The area has no proper library, Oak Road shopping area reminds me of one of them rundown buildings in the poorest parts of Brazil, same crime rate no doubt! that part of the area needs a complete re-think.

All these things and we have not even mentioned road infrastructure! or the damage HS2 will do to Partington and Warburton, and the likelihood of fracking is something residents have to plan for.

HIMOR have given us the plans, they are trying to get road infrastructure improved so that fears if serious congestion on Manchester Road will be ended, however what they have shown us is just a fob off! ok we agree that moving the bus lane away from the main road will help traffic flow better….wow!

But once in the middle of Manchester Road, it will get congested due to the amount of cars that will be on the road, which we estimate at being more than a 1000 cars extra on top of what the road holds today, with the new THT village this will increase even further, and this will leave Partington hard to get into and out, more so at peak times.

This is serious, we are trying to get people to wake up to the reality, where councillors and others have not bothered, they all focus on the now, and sadly it is in the near future they couldn’t care less about since they will probably not be a councillor for the area once all these developments are completed.

What can you do about this? well simply get them councillors working, they rely on emails and maybe phone calls to get anything done, you need to get on to them and show your concerns, it is too late for HIMOR, that will be developed no matter what, but it is not too late for THT or Peel.

Get on to Kate Green your MP, she is amazing, and can do so much for you, show your concerns, do not be afraid, and maybe with all your emails and phone calls, or even face to face meetings with her or your councillors, you can make sure that Partington is not forgotten about and that your area needs infrastructure before anything is built.

We will stand side by side for Partington and Warburton, we will for Carrington and Lymm all of which will be directly affected by all these developments once completed, the people have the real power, it is now time to sort this out…before its too late!

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  1. Reading some of the other stories on this website, about surrounding areas, Partington is the place to live, man exposes himself in Flixton, armed robberies in Sale, Flixton, & Stretford. I am lad I live here.


    • Hi Pauline, we agree, which is why it is so important you are represented, and why we stick up for the area more than most, Partington has it’s issues like anywhere, but upcoming developments that are to be built near or in Partington will be a disaster if nothing is done with infrastructure, we are appealing for everyone to contact the three councillors, any of them to raise concerns you have with HIMOR and the THT built development just past the railway bridge on Manchester Road, have a great weekend Pauline and thanks for your message.


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