Future Carrington

Future Carrington rejected by Partington residents

We conducted a vote a while back on what you thought about the Future Carrington development that could get underway depending on the result of an appeal sometime this month.

You voted yes you were concerned and thought that Future Carrington was bad for Partington by almost 70%.

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 20.50.06

Partington residents and those from other parts like Warburton already told councillors and Future Carrington about their concerns, this was completely ignored by those supposed to be representing them.

The biggest concerns people have is with Manchester Road, Warburton Lane and other roads like Moss Lane and Sinderland Lane, pollution is another serious concern which we can say for certain and only from the responses and a meeting at Trafford Council many councillors really do not either care about or have no knowledge.

We feel HIMOR may not have even considered the other development on Heath Farm Lane further down, this of course is nothing to do with Future Carrington or HIMOR, however the other development further on will mean HIMORS poor idea of traffic calming must now be ripped up.

Peel holds the key now to what happens, if they win the appeal at the high court then Future Carrington may not see the light of day, it will cost billions to create a new road or roads, of course the council will be part of any plans and Highways England.

If HIMOR and the council get their way, then the Future Carrington development will start as soon as next week or so, we will keep everyone informed of what is going on.


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