Your destination in 2018 guide: France

In this guide of different places where you could visit, we take a look at what France has to offer you, be it on a small get a way trip or a holiday, in France theirs lots to do.

The country itself is rich in history, it is a very interesting country to visit, more so if you are a fan of cycling, where the Tour De France is held in July every year, and ends in Paris, of course France has bigg named football teams, PSG and Marseille and other teams regularly play in big European competitions.

The country has a very good transport system so you will never have any problems getting about, the climate is much like the UK although does have a little bit more sunshine than we do, more so if you head further south.

It does not cost the earth to visit France and you can get there by aircraft, ferry and train, so this year why not choose France as the destination of choice.

For more information on what France has to offer and further information on France click this LINK this link takes you to a lifestyle website Your-RV-Lifestyle which is indeed very impressive, the website also offers lots more information on other destinations.


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