NHS Trafford staff take steps to a healthier lifestyle during January

NHS Trafford staff take steps to a healthier lifestyle


Rachel Fryatt and Natalie Foley

Staff at NHS Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have been practicing what they preach about leading healthier lifestyles.

Starting the new year with a fitness kick, the CCG celebrated its second Health and Wellbeing Week in January.

Activities included a Pedometer Challenge, during which 16 staff walked a staggering 781495 steps, or 390 miles, the equivalent of walking from Trafford Town Hall to Lille in France.

There was also an exercise bike challenge for people to cover as many kilometres as possible in the week and a 3km time trial challenge. Staff could also sign up for a Health MOT, lunchtime walking, table tennis, bodyweight boot camp and yoga.

The end of the week was also dubbed ‘Fruity Friday’ with a delivery of fruit to help ensure everyone got their five-a-day and prove that an apple a day really keep the doctor away.

Dr Mark Jarvis, Medical Officer and Clinical Director for Quality and Performance at the CCG, said: “Prevention is always better than cure so we wanted to encourage as many staff as possible to develop a healthy mind and body. Everyone was so enthusiastic in joining in all the activities and we will continue to encourage staff to eat well, get fitter and lead more healthy lifestyles.”

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