Trafford man jailed for 19 years for child sexual offences


A man from Trafford who subjected children to a catalogue of sexual abuse has been Jailed

John Slieth aged 70 formally from Urmston was jailed for 19-years yesterday Jan 31st at Minshull Street Crown Court.

He pleaded guilty to 18 counts of non-recent sexual offences including rape, touching and arranging for one of the children to meet other men for the commission of sexual offences.

The court heard how the abuse spanned from 2004 until 2012, the victims a boy and a girl who were aged under 12 at the time of the offences, most of the offences took place in the Urmston and Sale areas.

He threatened the victims by telling them that if they told anyone they would get in trouble and go in prison, however in November last year one of the victims bravely confided in a family member and the police were made aware, the second victim then also came forward to police.

Sleith was subsequently arrested but denied all the offences and claimed the pair were lying.

Detective Constable David Fox of GMP’s Trafford Specialist Protective Services said: “Sleith subjected these young children to sickening offences over the space of eight years.

“He abused them for his own perverse pleasure and went as far as taking the girl to meet other dangerous depraved men.

“What these victims have been through is harrowing and how they have carried this pain with them for so long is heart breaking.

“They feared Sleith and he manipulated them into thinking if they told anyone they would be the ones to get into trouble.

“They are innocent children and their bravery and courage has now put a sex offender behind bars.

“I hope this case shows how seriously GMP takes reports of sexual offences, no matter when they happened.

“We will do everything in our power to support victims and make sure their attacker doesn’t hurt anyone else.”






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