Green Tint on the moon seen over Sale

Speculation as it that we will see a green moon in April, how green that will be is something no one really knows.

You guys are the first to see it right here on News4Trafford, we captured the moon in all its glory with class equipment, clean lens, only in optical, the only edit done was to crop it as it came out perfect.

You can clearly see a green shade and the more you zoom in the greener it gets, this is the very first time this has been seen, during the last blue moon that was ruined by a mass of cloud all that night, every now and then the clouds broke up enough to get a shot, however and seriously their was not even a tint of blue, it was purely a super moon.

As high pressure is over us, we will get more clear nights like this, if anyone has pictures of the moon please send them in to us or post on our Facebook feed.

Image copyright @news4trafford


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