1,700 deaths in England just because of a wrong prescription

Jeremy Hunt the health and social care secretary was seen talking about some shocking figures.

He said once a week the NHS puts wrong prosthesis onto someone, twice a week they leave a foreign object in someones body, three times a week we operate on the wrong part of someones body, in 2017 we removed two people’s ovaries by accident.

Hunt went on to say something even more disturbing and that is with errors in medication, and a campaign is being introduced to tackle the problem, they estimate that 1,700 people die as a result which is 4 and 5 deaths every day due to wrong prescriptions.

With figures as many people are aware always less than what it really is, this will not be good news for anyone.

150 deaths a day all round is not acceptable, these are lives we are talking about here, the governments ambitions to create a private health care system much like the US will create much more deaths.

With thousands of people dying as a result from benefit cuts, a huge suicide issue more so in Trafford, the Tories can no longer make excuses, can no longer blame anyone else, they have messed up, and now have blood on there hands.

It may well be too late to save the NHS, it is too late for all them deaths, and if we are not careful it will be too late to save our green spaces that the Tories are trying to build on!


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