Partington it is important you attend a police open event on Monday

With the recent well-known issues and an escalation of criminality in the area, it is now even more important you have your say.

You have a chance to air your views and suggestions to help police better protect the residents in Partington.

You are invited to the people’s church on July 16th between 5.30 and 7.30pm.

Some suggestions could be that Partington has always been poorly represented by its political people, housing closing the doors at its Wood Lane HQ and employing charlatans claiming they know something about anti social behaviour and other things, Parish Council must get involved more in the community.

We hear all the time either by people contacting us or talking to us in the village about the feeling of abandonment or isolation, this is where your political people come into it, where are they? actually where have they ever been? yet get paid a huge amount for just turning up to meetings at Trafford Council.

Police cannot do much about the issues in the area, they deal with criminality, however by saying something will show them and maybe a councillor if one of them can be bothered to turn up! that you no longer can accept what has and is going on and that you have had enough!

The more people who feel like this the better it will be, a hiding place for the councillors will become very small indeed, this is crucial as it is them that ultimately can get change for the area.

Do not get confused with a Parish councillor and a political councillor, both are very different, A political councillor has the power for change, a Parish councillor has no power at all, they sit around a table once a month and see what little they can do for the vast amounts of money they get every year, whilst ganging up on those who have the balls to tell them what they are doing is rubbish.

Every part of Trafford has its problems and crime is increasing due to the cut backs this irresponsible government has made to just about everything we have, it is not easy for police and with your help and ideas it will help in a very big way.



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