Police everywhere looking for a large group of guys on cross and moped bikes near Partington

Police were seen on Sinderland Lane close to Partington this afternoon July 15th on the look out for a large group of bikers who were behaving in an anti social way.

We got to the scene at 5.30pm and saw two tactical unit vans several big vehicles and an unmarked car.

Locals at the scene told us that police were about to deploy a stinger, we cannot confirm this as true.

We spoke to an officer and he told us that although they expect the bikers to be coming there way, that really they could be in the wrong position.

Bikers like this often on cross bikes in a group as large as this one poses a risk to other road users, and we was warned to get off the road as soon as we could for safety purposes.

At this time of writing we do not know if any of them have been caught.

More follows…..

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