Heath Farm Lane housing development proposals are finally submitted to Trafford Planning for approval

After a delay the proposals to build a gigantic hybrid housing development on Heath Farm Lane in Partington has finally been submitted to Trafford Council planning for approval.

The hybrid housing development once approved will get underway by the end of the year.

On the ground all looks great, care and attention to detail has gone in to this proposal, and with cycling and walking routes an essential part of this housing development to be improved it gets the thumbs up.

However underground might be an issue, the area was a former LNG site and contaminated on the surface and within the soil, it hides gas pipe lines that are still in operation, however an inspection team have gone in and checked on potential hazards and found only a small part of the development is a slight concern, it might be that the small part of that section of the housing development could be slightly changed.

No new shops are in the plans something we know is a major concern to residents in Partington.

We noted the crime stats as part of the plans were way off the mark, that part of the village may have a smaller number of crimes, however the figures do not reflect the entire Partington village where crime rates are rising.

With police numbers at an all time low, having more housing developments the size of this and others like New Carrington will and Warburton Lane will put added pressure on them and other emergency services.

No new relief roads will be built with this housing development this will have a severe impact on the already busy Manchester Road, it is expected thousands more cars, vans will be on the roads in Partington once this housing development is built, which ultimately will be mean severe delays and higher pollution issues.




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