Stretford Mall demolition begins making way for a modern shopping facility

A part of Stretford Mall is now being demolished making way for a modern facility much like the one you see at Eden Square in Urmston.


The entire South Eastern corner opposite the newly built Spar will be leveled to make way for this new development which will eventually hold shops and a cafe.

As it stands Stretford Mall is still in the hands of administrators and they could easily close the entire centre if they wished to do so, although unlikely.

The pub ‘O’brians’ was at first going to be saved from demolition and incorporated into the new structure, however it is believed that it was way to complex and planners decided to flatten the lot.

It will take some time to see this new part of the mall operational, however it will have been worth the wait as locals will truly enjoy the experience of not only shopping in the new facility, but also to relax in the outside cafe.



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