Avril Lavigne sends a message to fans about her fight for life and her latest album

Avril Lavigne gave her fans a statement on her website that was from the heart, she tells of her fight with Lyme Disease and how she nearly died.

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In the message to her fans she thanks them all for being so patient after 5-years of waiting for new music, the rock star is now set to release her new single and then a new album.

Her new single “Head above water” she tells fans about when she was near the end, she could feel herself drowning and kept fighting for breath and praying to god for help.

Lavigne wanted to tell her story about what almost took her life, a simple bug bite! a tick is normally what gives you the disease, she wants people to know how bad things can get if you do not get the problem sorted out.

On her website she now has resources for the prevention of lyme disease and more information about it and she also wants her fans involved to spread awareness, here at News4Trafford we will help her foundation in any way we can to make sure everyone understands and is aware of the disease and how to get treatment as fast as you can.

We think Avril is an incredibly strong person to pull through from what was a dreadful experience, and agree with her that making this album was a huge accomplishment.

Her new single is released on September 19th.

You can read the entire message here https://avrillavigne.com/



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