Pedestrians concerned as cars and vans go through on red at a dangerous crossing in Sale

Washway Road in Sale is incredibly dangerous and badly polluted and has increasingly become more dangerous of pedestrians and cyclists.

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At a pelican crossing just past Langdale Road in Sale motorists have been seen on a daily basis going through on red, some of them are trying to get through just before it goes red and at greater speeds.

We caught a DHL driver who increases his  speed to almost 60mph trying to beat the red light and doing so by the skin of his teeth, sadly though and for many times we have seen drivers who look to be in a world of their own stopping at the red light then taking off again which is even more dangerous, or simply just going through a red light.

Is it purely down to drivers not paying any attention to the road or trying to beat the lights or is it an issue the council and TFGM need to be looking into? we think it is both.

Further down the road at Eastway junction we see many times cars going through on red and as a result some accidents have happened.

As for the pelican crossing, people have already been knocked down, we simply have to question why a driver is in such a rush that he or she would knock down a pedestrian or a cyclist, it only takes a few moments of your time and the green light will be back and you are on your way again!

The majority of drivers are good, they make sure themselves and  others are safe, for those that could not care less, all those good drivers need to make it known your feeling by beeping your horn at them! we ask all responsible drivers to do this!

We also ask pedestrians and cyclists to record the evidence and send it to us, any footage you have we will use to highlight the problem.

Pedestrians using the crossing for now need to keep on the kerb even when on red for a moment before crossing, we suggest disabled people do not even go anywhere near this crossing until safety is assured.

Near to these lights is a road called ‘The Drive’ and drivers are using these lights coming from the drive to get on to the A56 southbound, often in the wrong lane! which is incredibly dangerous, it is hoped that the council will see sense and pick the right option in the interests of safety.

We will continue to observe and gather video footage of drivers going through on red at the pelican crossing, it is hoped this action will get drivers to see some sense and stop on red and keep stopped until it is on green, any van drivers seen will be reported to the company, we have already reported the DHL driver! safety of everyone is of paaramount importance.


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