Almost 300,000 signatures ensures a third firework debate in two years

Almost 300,000 signatures have helped get the government to have a third debate on the use of fireworks.

The petition was made so that fireworks could be banned from public use and have only public displays including having them on licenced venues, something we completely agree with.

Fireworks in the wrong hands have caused serious harm, many people have had life changing injuries because someone has thrown a firework at them! often those throwing a firework gets injured themselves!

This year we saw police and fire crews being attacked.

We are aware dogs and cats and wildlife are affected by all the bangs and those with Autism Bonfire night can be incredibly distressing.

We saw on social media one person mention that in these dangerous times with the threat of terrorism hanging around you would on a normal day get arrested and locked up handling explosives! so why is it different around Bonfire night?

Whilst not being a total killjoy, all 300,000 that added their signatures to the petition want pubic displays and licensed venues, so people can still enjoy Bonfire night but in a safer way.

The next debate on this the third in two years will be on November 24th.

To sign and follow the petition please click th following link https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/231147


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