Traffic crisis in Trafford as we start to run out of space

Talking point:


We all have to agree and accept that we are running out of space for vehicles to travel on.


The Drive/A56 Junction 

In the next few years Trafford’s population will hit an all time high, we know that around 3000 more people will increase the population of Partington from around 8000 now to around 11,000, new homes are springing up in every corner and then we have the UA92 to think about.

This is great! for the economy of Trafford will improve, however one detail that seems to have gone missing somewhere is ‘road infrastructure’ look at the roads now! bumper to bumper on Washway Road on a daily basis and almost everywhere else.

The problems for any plans for new roads is where do you put them and have you got enough money to build them?  so lets look at one idea that will help Washway Road and all other roads around it in Sale.

The Altrincham and Sale bypass must be looked at by political people here in Trafford, this would help ease the traffic on Washway Road and would clean up the air for residents living on or off it.

Looking for more space will be problematic, the only space left to build any roads is farm land or on green belt land, we cannot destroy farm land or any of our green belt so we are stuck!

For Partington and Carrington residents they are going to be hit far worse than anywhere else and the ideology that is Trafford Labour brainwashing the electorate with false hope and other misleading chatter who will not tell them the truth!

Only one road in and one road out, with some suggestion the A1 road will be extended to Carrington Lane, although this may happen we think its fantasy talk! making residents feel a little bit happier to ease any resistance…clever eh?

The resistance could be coming from a group called Friends of Carrington Moss! they oppose a new road which is incredibly selfish, since they are not really going to be as affected as Partington and Warburton residents.

We agree with them that more cycling infrastructure is needed, no doubt about that one! and again agree that Carrington Moss should be preserved and any green belt land where all types of wildlife exist should be protected.

They do not get it though! all that will happen regarding cycling infrastructure is simply an upgrade to cycle paths that are already built, and a small one at that! the paths that are currently built are incredibly poor, no signage and too many turns which could confuse anyone who did not know the route.

We are aware of the Sale to Urmston cycle path being upgraded again they are using old routes with poor and confusing signage.

Beelines are a fob off! and will make no difference in keeping cyclists safe.

Sadly all decisions are in the hands of politicians, we can back Trafford Council on this occasion since very little money is being given to it, so they have to strike a happy medium.

We can see this is becoming increasingly difficult regarding road infrastructure and safety of cyclists, however they must to think before they start giving the green light to housing developments about the ongoing crisis and the blocked roads of the future as space runs out here in Trafford.



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