Car park enforcement officers face backlash from residents in Old Trafford

A car park enforcement company that is operating at a car park in Old Trafford is facing a backlash from angry residents.

The company who deals with the enforcement called ‘ES’ on a retail park in Old Trafford has been accused of some bully like tactics, one resident claims she saw one man taking photos of her and the children she was with for evidence which is very creepy and understandably upset the woman.

Other people using the car park that do not use the small amount of shops in the retail park on Seymour Grove have apparently also been fined.


A group is to meet at the St Johns Centre in Old Trafford on November 28th and they will decide what action will be taken, local councillors are aware of the issues, however could not attend due to a council meeting being held on the night the meeting takes place.

All car park enforcement officers need to show good conduct throughout and it ‘seems’ this has not been the case with the current enforcement at the retail park, with some residents even feeling fearful and avoiding the car park all together which must not help the remaining businesses.

For your own sake remember whilst you are on private land your rights to record is limited and so you can be asked to stop doing any photography or video of staff whilst on their grounds so be very careful, if you need to take evidence it has to be on council land, they cannot do a thing outside of the car park.

Look at the video above for more information from the BPA about car park enforcement.

Whatever you think about enforcement officers, if they give you a ticket you must not ignore it, you have the right to contest it and you should do this in the event you can prove you are innocent, or prove they are wrong.

The company who operates from the retail park is not a member of the BPA which is recognized as the leading association, they are with a rival called IPC.

We agree with the many that if you go against the rules set out clearly by any car parking enforcement company then you are asking for trouble, It would be for the enforcement company to make sure that all drivers are aware of the rules and that the car park is private, having checked, the enforcement company at this retail park has signs that clearly show it is Private Land.

We have yet to see the terms and conditions at the car park, this should be displayed clearly.

We hope this article goes someway not only to help the residents who use Seymour Grove/Tennis Street car park but for all other car parks in Trafford.








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