Tornado touches down in Antalya in Turkey killing two people

A tornado has touched down on a popular UK tourist destination and destroyed everything in its path.

The tornado which hit the Antalya province in Turkey on Jan 24th has been reported to have killed 2 people and injured around 15, it is also reported some people including children are currently missing.

Much of the resorts infrastructure has been damaged and a clean up operation is on going.

In the video taken from social media you can see people on a bus at the airport being stuck in the path of this tornado, they were all incredibly frightened and woman and children were heard screaming.

Reports from Turkey suggest one of the dead was a 13-year-old girl and a 40-year-old man.

Turkey has many tornado’s and looking at a graph shows them becoming more frequent, there are two types of tornado is Turkey which are mesocyclonic and nonmesocyclonic and are more likely between the months of May and June and October and November.



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