Co-op foodstores in Sale targeted by criminals and staff need to be protected

We are aware of yet another armed robbery at a Co operative food store in Sale, with Maple Road being hit twice within a short time we ask why this is becoming a big problem for the company.


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Some stores are just targeted, this retailer has been hit more than any other, just in the past few months in Salem  Maple Road was robbed twice, Coppice Avenue was robbed, and previously Brooklands store was hit several times.

Staff at the Brooklands store in the past have told us that the store was robbed on a daily basis, and in recent times people were just coming in and taking what they wanted, mostly meat was taken, although of course different to an armed robbery, none the less it’s still a robbery.

Staff was fed up complaining to police, many saying “it;s a waste of time they come too late or they do nothing” we have though seen police at the back of the Brooklands store looking at CCTV footage, the same stores ATM was targeted by criminals, on one occasion an iPod replica with video was taken out, and was still working!

Only just before Christmas a brazen individual robbed Coppice Avenue, with a basket full of food, he walked past customers casually and he was gone! it was noted a customer told us that one single bleep was heard long after the male had left the store and staff were seen just looking at each other.

Other Co op stores have also been robbed, and we are hearing another armed robbery took place at the Washway Road store tonight although information is sketchy at this time.

Having spoken to many staff at different stores, checked how they operate we come to the conclusion that security at all the stores needs to be beefed up dramatically, a complete change is needed.

Staff though are in the firing line, it cannot be right they are asked to stop criminals,  many will be armed, or could cause untold problems.

We do not know what type of security is needed, however something needs to be done, it could be the Co op pulls out of Sale, and it could happen!

So far we are not aware of any serious injuries from the robberies, however we hope the management who make the decisions help better protect staff and think of better prevention so the attacks on stores can be a thing of the past.


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