Huge fire in Old Trafford many roads closed and people evacuated

A large fire that broke out in Old Trafford earlier this morning at a warehouse has caused local residents to be evacuated and roads closed.

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The fire started at a warehouse on Darnley Street at around 5am, footage seen shows the fire out of control and spreading to nearby properties.

Police closed down Kings Road, Chorlton Road and a part of Ayres Road in the area and have now been lifted after many hours closed.

Firefighters will though be on the scene through the night making sure all is safe.

Around 45 people had to be evacuated, Trafford Council opened up the limelight centre so they can keep warm and have something to drink, they have now been allowed back home.

The fire is not thought to be suspicious although an investigation will commence, fire fighters are currently cooling down some gas cylinders.

GMFRS group manager Paul Duggan said: “Crews have done a fantastic job tackling this difficult fire and while it is now under control we will be on the scene for some time dealing with this incident.

“I know this has caused disruption to people living nearby and road users, and I would like to apologies for this but assure people we are working hard to get roads opened and people back into their homes as soon as we can.”



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