Trafford Leisure invests £30K into Gymnastics and Trampolining

Trafford Leisure invests £30,000 into Gymnastics and Trampolining.

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Trafford Leisure has invested £30,000 into gymnastics and trampolining, through the purchase of new gymnastics equipment and the strategic development of its gymnastics and trampolining teaching programme.

Gymnastics Trafford is one of the largest leisure centre schemes in the UK and already teaches 1200 children and young adults a week, across 50 gymnastics and 38 trampolining classes. Trafford Leisure is launching an additional 15 gymnastics and trampolining classes each week from September 2019.

Trafford Leisure has recently partnered with British Gymnastics, the National Governing Body for the sport and is now following its ‘Jump into Gymnastics’ teaching programme. Children in the Trafford Gymnastics classes will work towards the British Gymnastics Awards and will be continually assessed throughout the classes.

The expansion of the teaching programme goes hand in hand with the new gymnastics equipment, which has recently been installed at its Altrincham Leisure Centre. The equipment includes a new floor, balance beams, high beams, safety mats, asymmetric bars and soft play teaching aids, as well as an Air Track and a Fast Track course.

The Air Track is a 15 metre long, extremely bouncy tumble track, which is used by gymnasts to rehearse their tumbling safely. The Fast Track is a 10 metre long trampoline that is a teaching aid used by coaches for practising front and back flips, as well as somersaults.

The new class programme will begin the week commencing the 2nd September and these classes are available to book from the 12th August.

Shane Robinson, the Gymnastics and Trampolining Brand Manager for Trafford Leisure, joined the leisure group in March 2019 and has overseen the investment in its gymnastics and trampolining offerings.

Robinson has a wealth of experience and has taught British, European and World Champions during his coaching career, as well as being both a UK and international gymnastics judge. He specialises in tumbling and is the youngest international judge in the UK.

Robinson says: “It’s a very exciting time for Gymnastics Trafford. All our students are thrilled to be using world class equipment. The new facilities mean our young gymnasts can train to their best ability with our fully qualified instructors and following the British Gymnastics teaching programme in a safe and fun environment.”

Trafford Gymnastics offers a fun and structured programme for children, young people and adults of all abilities and levels, with classes starting for children aged from 18 months, as well as boy and girl-only sessions.

Jo Cherrett, CEO, Trafford Leisure says: “We are immensely proud of Trafford Gymnastics. The demand for these sessions has grown year on year. Our gymnastics programme is already very strong and this substantial investment means we can get stronger still. Our new class programme and the superb equipment is a direct reflection on our expert gymnastic and trampolining coaching staff. Gymnastics is a fantastic way to keep active and flexible. Leaping, jumping, balancing and tumbling…I’m dizzy just thinking about it!”

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