Brooklands councillors fight to secure a Sale cemetery from gangs of drugged up kids

Two Brooklands councillors have been fighting for some time to secure a cemetery in Sale from gangs of kids.

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Brooklands Cemetery in Sale: Credit Google Maps

Brooklands cemetery is currently being used as a safe haven for gangs of teenagers using it as both a cut through and for drug use.

For people who are grieving the loss of a loved one it is already incredibly difficult and need this time to come to terms with a death of a loved one in a safe and quiet environment not to be intimidated by gangs of drugged up teenagers.

Both Trafford Labour councillors Rose Thompson and Stephen Longden have been trying to get the council to secure the cemetery and also to look after it much better.

The council is obviously not short of funds and needs to make sure as soon as possible that these gangs cannot get access to any part of the cemetery, this will have a nice side effect for Walton Park as these gangs of kids have caused problems all year so far.

Drug use is on the rise in Walton Park only yesterday residents reported in to us that they saw several girls of no more than 12-years-old smoking drugs, they are using the park as a ghetto, a unlawful youth club which is causing serious concern for local people who use the park for play and to walk dogs.

We got a message from an elderly lady only today about how she was frightened by all these kids running around drugged up last night September 21st, as a result this individual is not coming back to the park.

Walton Park in Sale continues to be one of the best parks around, families are still bringing kids to the small playground, during early evening and at the weekend is not the same and more needs to be done to ensure local people who use the park in the right way can do so whenever they want to and not to be intimidated by a bunch of drugged up and often bored kids.

We can blame the last administration for cutting all our youth centres! without question this is the issue, we can also point fingers at the current administration as to what they have done for these kids and we cannot think of anything! hence why we are seeing more kids causing problems in Trafford’s parks.

The suggestion is the current administration gets back some of the youth centres or creates somewhere for these kids to go, bringing back youth workers and volunteers where possible.

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