Teen activist Greta Thunburg delivers a powerful message to the leaders of the world about Climate Change

Teen activist Greta Thunburg delivered a powerful speech at the UN Climate Summit to all the leaders and lawmakers of the world about Climate Change.

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She is only 16-years-old and knows the dangers of what is in front of the world, her speech was very powerful and we have recorded the entire speech which you can listen to below:

The words ‘How dare you’ was mentioned a few times and her face shown real anger at the politicians of the world who have only empty words regarding Climate Change.

Money and power is what living on this planet is all about, political people know what is going on, yet they do nothing, here in Trafford we can see this happening all around us, trees in Altrincham and Hale coming down, they have started in Timperley and Sale now! many of these trees did not need cutting down.

Industry in Carrington and other places need to be checking how much CO2 they are pumping into the air.

Everyone can do a little bit to help out, recycing things, try to cycle everywhere when you can, do not just go to the shop around the corner in your car, get the kids to school on bikes or foot, remove stoves from the home as this is seriously polluting our environment. use public transport more – even if you just do this 3-times a day would reduce pollution.

It is for the governments of the world to act now! and reduce emissions, with the UK government all at sea it could take some time and a General Election to get it sorted out.

For Climate Change activists like Extinction Rebellion and of course Greta herself the only thing they can all do is hope the penny drops on the people that ultimately decides the fate of the planet.

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