A Jet 2 aircraft from Manchester suffered damage on landing at Dalaman Airport

A Jet 2 aircraft flight number LS291 from Manchester to Dalaman in Turkey suffered damage just before landing at around 11pm local time on Oct 12.


A Jet 2 aircraft at Manchester

The Boeing 757-2 aircraft was hit by a bird and suffered some damage to the nose cone, despite this the experienced captain managed to land at Dalaman safely with no injuries reported to flight crew and passengers.

Once landed the captain would have told ATC (Air Traffic Control) of the issues and the aircraft went to the gate to let everyone off.

Bird Strikes occur now and then mostly the bird gets eaten up by an engine which often causes a flame out and failure, all aircraft can fly with one engine although they need to land as soon as possible, it is rare for a bird to strike and damage a nose cone.

To date a statistic seen suggests the 757-2 aircraft has had 172 incidents make this 173, the boeing made aircraft can carry up to 299 passengers and has a range of 7,222km.


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