HIMOR has bigger plans for Carrington and a bigger disaster for Partington and Warburton

We are all mostly aware of HIMOR’s plans for Carrington, it now has bigger plans that will mean no social housing for anyone.


The first ever Future Carrington stand on Carrington Lane

As we are always on the side of Partington and gave you the news first, we are even more concerned about this vast housing development and other new facilities it will bring,

having read the latest document it still does not really address traffic problems, it still has not said what impacts are of the Heath Farm Lane housing development and the Lock Lane housing development, and we have not even mentioned the Warburton Lane housing development and YHG’s 86 new apartments on Oak Road.

They must take into consideration of all these developments before they can say for sure the traffic situation will be better, although some widening of the Eastern bound Manchester Road and the new lanes created to and from Bankey Lane in Sale will help a little.

Manchester Road, Warburton Lane and Sinderland Lane will be nothing but a car park as soon as 5-years! this will be more problematic than what you may think! people in Partington will find shops not able to get the goods on the shelves quick enough, the ‘fast food’ places will be worse hit and delays to opening times may occur.

Our biggest fear is for Sinderland Lane as people look for a way out, this tiny lane that goes out towards Broadheath will not cope, people will have to leave the car behind as they find nowhere to go more so at peak times, it is going to be a nightmare for all.

Whilst we like HIMOR’s ideas for a cycle path this path could link up with Heath Farm Lane’s ideas, it would be though of little use if it is only for the village they are creating, it needs to be linked in with existing networks and made better and more signage.

Plans for employment for a lot of HIMOR’s site is also welcomed so long as local people are first in the queue, this was promised to Partington residents when the paper factory opened up and so far as we are aware not many people from the area got a job.

Future Carrington will have a few shops built and a doctors, this will help a little with the squeeze on Partington’s ever-dwindling resources, for the moment M31 is fine it is just about coping with things, even the Parish Council is moving in the right direction leaving the political people far behind which has come to no surprise to anyone.

We are and have been on this from day one including all the other housing developments which include talking to owners and local people who wish to participate, those that care and appreciate our efforts to get you the information first.

Remember also this is not just a Partington thing! all these housing developments hit all of Trafford! more people! thousands more will all come with cars, all make more pollution and all will need food and water, all will expect the same as they have always had and some of that cannot be guaranteed sitting in a car or a van for about four hours!

We cannot guarantee anything, your political councillors all said ‘YES’ to HIMOR and all the others without any thought about the consequences of the decisions they make possibly thinking ‘Who cares I won’t be a councillor when s..t and fan meet” very likely!

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