Trump’s wishes come true as Farage links up with the Tories

The US President Donald Trump got his wish for Farage to link up with Boris Johnson and his all nonsense Tory party.

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Farage who was about to put around 600 candidates to fight the Tories has now decided to contest 317 seats in the up coming General Election which would fight Labour.

We got a statement from Farage he said:

Today in Hartlepool, I made clear The Brexit Party’s strategy for the General Election. I always said that I would put country before party – and I meant it.

We want to stop the Remainers winning enough seats to introduce a second referendum, offering us a false choice between Remain and Remain. That’s why we are not going to contest the 317 seats that the Conservatives won in 2017. For months, I have argued for a Leave alliance. Now we have launched it unilaterally. This will ensure that there will not be a second referendum and that Brexit can finally be delivered.

We will though contest every seat held by Corbyn’s Remainer Labour Party, which has openly betrayed five million Labour Leave voters. And we will stand in all seats held by the other Remainer parties.Let me explain how we came to this difficult decision. When Boris Johnson came back with his new EU Treaty, I made no secret of my concerns.

Two aspects in particular stood out. First, it did not ‘get Brexit done’ – it would mean at least another three years of agonising negotiations in which EU negotiator Monsieur Barnier would have the upper hand.

And second, the Treaty meant we were committing ourselves to regulatory and political alignment with EU rules on everything from our fishing to our financial services.That’s why last week we signed 600 Brexit Party candidate nomination forms, because I felt that in a democracy everybody deserves a genuine choice.

Last night, however, I heard something from Boris Johnson that at last made me feel more optimistic. In a video the Prime Minister said that he would not extend the Transition Period beyond the end of a huge challenge to Barnier and Juncker.

Even more importantly, Boris said that he would seek a ‘super Canada-plus’ free trade deal with the EU, with no political alignment. That is a significant step in the right direction. It starts to look more like the Brexit that 17.4m of us voted for.

So, we have decided to give Boris half a chance, and focus on taking the fight to Labour in their Brexit heartlands. It was The Brexit Party that beat Labour here in the May European elections – and we can, with your help, do it again.

There are millions of traditional Labour voters waiting for a party that is on their side, that believes in bringing more money and jobs back to the regions, that says we need sensible immigration controls. These are messages that will resonate hard in those Labour Leave areas.

How do we hold Boris to his promises? We have to start winning some of those Labour seats, by making Corbyn’s Labour pay for their betrayal of Brexit. Getting MPs into Parliament is the way we can hold Mr Johnson to account.

I have no great love for the Conservative Party. But I see stopping the Remainers and their rigged second referendum as the biggest issue facing our country. Our actions today have stopped the Remain alliance in is tracks.

The question of trust is key. There can be no real Brexit without The Brexit Party in Parliament to keep Boris honest. And we cannot get there without your help.Thanks for your support. Together we can beat the Remainer alliance and change politics for good.

Nigel Farage — Leader of The Brexit Party

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tweeted:

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Meanwhile Lib Dems leader Jo Swinson says “The Conservate Party are the Brexit Party now” even though Farage is now helping the Tories it will be the people who will have the last say, it will be the people who remembers what the Tories have done at a national and local level, this General Election on Dec 12 is one people need to be taking seriously by not listening to all the false promises either on social media or even on the TV, people will need to look at what the Tories have done since coming to power to get an accurate picture.

Farage is a class act where words are concerned, so good he is at making you believe his nonsense even the most observant amongst us could get conned! its not about believing in this election, it is about remembering, doing your own research, and whatever you do never vote just because a family member has always voted that way, it is as crucial as that! this is our chance for change, much needed change.

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