Over 400 people across Greater Manchester are still missing

Spare a thought for the families of all those who are missing this Christmas.

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Over 400 people are still classed as missing here in Greater Manchester and police are reminding people that if you are looking to leave home to remember you can get some support to help with anything that is causing you issues.

By leaving home also puts you in danger, it mght be a person may decide on a new life somewhere else in the country or even abroad, if you have not done any homework or saved up enough it could mean you end up on the streets of somewhere you do not know and with times being so hard due to needless Tory austerity the wolves coud soon be howling at you.

We recommend anyone who is thinking of leaving or is someone who is mssing talk to someone free of charge and confidential on 116 000 this service is 24/7 if you prefere to contact by email 11600@missingpeople.org or onlne www.missingpeople.org.uk

At this time Christina Rack from Chorlton is still missing as is Ethan Graham from Urmston, many others have not been seen and we hope this article helps get them back or prevents someone else going missing and give the families a Cjristmas present like no other.

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