Care Quality Commision was notified of 195 deaths of people detained in mental hospitals last year in the UK

The Care Quality Commission (CQC)  has reported that 195 people detained in mental health hospitals.

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Moorside Unit a mental health unit in  Trafford : Google Maps

Some of these people died of natural causes, others died of unnatural causes, the CQC was also notified of 923 patients who went absent without leave from mental hospitals.

Of all the detained patients seen 22% said they would consider electroconvulsive therapy and others have considered medications.

On the wards the CQC visited 94% had locked doors, and it seems mental health nurses are a little confused with how much freedom an informal patient has whilst in a mental hospital, on several occasions informal patients were not allowed to roam and upon complaining was then detained under section five of the mental health act.

Internet was not allowed on 261 wards and mobile phones was banned on 181 wards although the majority of wards allowed internet and mobile phones the figures are a way to high.

In 2017 it was made unlawful for a person with mental health issues being taken to a police station cell as a place of safety until a bed could be found last year 140 people was still detained in a police cell!

The method of conveyance in the North West to an initial place of safety was:

  • 1,645 by Police vehicle
  • 946 by Ambulance or health vehicle
  • 56 by other means

Reasons for not using an Ambulance for conveyance to initial place of safety:

  • 704 risk
  • 355 Ambulance not available
  • 285 Ambulance not needed

The CQC was concerned that despite the hours of a person detained in an initial place of safety was reduced from 72 hours to 24 many people was still being held after 24-hours, police though are in a difficult situation as if the person is released because no beds are available they could be a danger to themselves or the public.

The deaths of mental health patients are more likely be due to long term use of dangerous anti- psychotic drugs and SSRI’s, whilst some do work well for people the side effects are to great for them to be of any use later down the line.

One psychiatrist from the US has said: “These anti-psychotic drugs are dangerous but the doctors prescribing them are not being told by big pharma of the real damage they cause a patient and early death.

Some people though need these drugs to keep them stable and it would be incredibly foolish to stop any medication but to speak to the doctor prescribing them would be the best way forward.

From what we have read if someone is detained for more than a day they can leave no matter what happens, if police continue to detain your loved one or if it is you that has been detained you can ask to leave, if it goes past the 24-hours make a note of what is going on more so the time and once freed seek legal advice.

You can view all the statistics and further information into this report here: https://www.cqc.org.uk/sites/default/files/20200206_mhareport1819_report.pdf



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