Aldi to move into the old B&Q store on Atlantic Street in Altrincham

Aldi are to move into the old B&Q store on Atlantic street with the existing store being used for storage and leisure.

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Work has already started on the site of the old B&Q and the company have said it will be open in late 2020.

The existing store on George Richards Way will continue to operate whilst workmen get the store ready which will see a much bigger space, and a  bigger car park.

Aldi have not been happy on the possibility of a Lidl store opening up in Altrincham Retail Park and although they have long submitted the plans to move into the B&Q store it may have moved faster to get this sorted out as it is also expected if plans are approved that Lidl will also be opening in late 2020.

Shoppers seem delighted that Lidl is to ‘possibly’ open a new store and many said they would continue shopping in Aldi as normal, the same people also said they would continue to use Asda down the road.

The new Aldi will be impressive and will draw even more customers from all around Trafford and we look forward to the opening later this year.

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