Gove tells front line workers they will all be tested for Coronavirus this weekend

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Michael Gove has said in a live broadcast that all front line workers will be tested this weekend to see if they have the Coronavirus.

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If they do not have this virus then they are able to go back to work.

In a previous broadcast Boris Johnson said the testing kits will be a ‘game changer’ where if it is proven you do not have the virus you can also go back to work.

We then ask the question if this is so simple then why not test the country? then almost everyone can go back to work! parks and playgrounds could open, everything would go back to normal within a week or so.

These testing kits are very cheaply made and all GPs could get a supply very quickly and test everyone.

It would also mean those that has the virus can be quickly treated and the virus will no longer spread.

It makes perfect sense to us for the government to roll this out and at the right time just before the country falls into a deep financial pit!, we could then save the airlines as they would be allowed to operate again.

The shops will be stocked up, all the supermarkets will be full again and operating a normal service and we can all then look forward to summer time which starts officially tomorrow.

Even with this quick fix more problems from this Coronavirus exists, from next week police will have more powers and these powers we feel will tear up the trust between the police and the people.

Even some police officers are questioning the new laws! and with Labour no longer a force it was and of course we are still waiting to see who will win the race to be the Labour leader, the Tories are rushing through laws that will keep things unstable in our communities.

The new laws could be watered down or even abandoned which we feel should happen, had Labour been at full strength they would have opposed the new laws instantly.

A couple of things to look at here are the way police treat a person showing signs of mental illness, they can now slam them in a back of a vehicle and detain them for 24 hours, mental health staff no longer need two people to section a person, police can tell you to go home if they think you have not fallen for the ‘control measures’ in force.

We question this tactic, for one how would an officer know what you have been doing during that day? he or she had no rights whatsoever to ask anyone what they have been doing, however they can ask where you are going.

The entire legislation needs some serious scrutiny, many things do not add up and will cause further confusion in communities up and down the UK.

Controlling someone in such a way will have an equal and opposite reaction just at a time when police are already stretched to the limit, more work will be needed and the amount of legal cases against police will rise sharply.

Whilst we agree that the Coronavirus guidelines are for our own safety although a little bit crazy at times we must stick with it until we get the all clear.

We do not want to see people though treating police and NHS staff in a bad way, these people are here to protect us.

It is also been reported to us of some very angry people who are not happy about the queues at a shop or supermarket, we know about the incident at Asda in Trafford Park the other day.

This is a complete disgrace! we all have to stand in a queue outside now,  it has been done for your protection, we understand it is different, in some ways it makes little difference since you are still having to pass people in the isles! however we urge you to keep calm and line up like everyone else does, you will be in the shop or supermarket in no time, just be patient and nice to staff who are only doing what they have been told to do.



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